Meet the Owners: 

Eric and Steph

About Us:

North Country Cabin Co is a labor of love brought to life by Eric and Steph, a dynamic duo with a passion for family, pets, design, construction and the great outdoors. With their two adorable kids, Vera and Gus, and their beloved dogs, Gump and Tink, Eric and Steph have created a warm and welcoming retreat nestled in the heart of nature.

Eric's Story:

Eric's journey from financial analyst to entrepreneur is one of determination and innovation. After starting his career at Delta Airlines, Eric realized his true calling lay beyond the confines of corporate life. With a keen eye for opportunity, he ventured into entrepreneurship, building his own side business while still working full-time. Eventually, Eric took the leap to pursue his passion for renovation and construction, becoming a skilled contractor who brings dreams to life with his hands-on expertise.

Steph's Story:

Steph's creative spirit and eye for design have been the driving force behind North Country Cabin Co's unique aesthetic. With a background in web design, Steph transitioned into a DIY enthusiast and interior design lover. She thrives on the thrill of thrifting, the challenge of refinishing furniture, and the joy of bringing spaces to life with her curated touch. From designing layouts to selecting finishings and decorating spaces, Steph's vision is evident in every corner of their properties.

Family Life:

Eric and Steph's journey as partners in life and business began post-college, as they embarked on countless adventures of renovating and transforming homes together. However, with the arrival of Vera and Gus, their priorities shifted, and they decided to put down roots in a home they could truly call their own. Together, they love visiting their cabins and immersing their kids (and doggos!) in nature while creating lasting memories together.

Join Our Community:

At North Country Cabin Co, we invite you to join our community of fellow nature enthusiasts, design aficionados, and families seeking solace in the serenity of the outdoors. Follow along as we share our cabins, renovation adventures, design inspirations, and family moments on our social media channels.

From our family to yours, welcome to North Country Cabin Co, where every corner tells a story and every moment is an opportunity for adventure.