Cabin Updates

HOT TUBS…… times 3

This winter we added an 8 person Bullfrog hot tub on the north side of Loon facing the lake. It is pretty epic and soon will have magical cafe lighting surrounding it. We’ve gotten to enjoy it ourselves a few times and the stargazing while hot tubbin’ is 10/10.

hot tub loon

Hot Tub #2

Next up, we added yet another 8 person Bullfrog to Kodiak! It’s right off the front deck for easy access and the view can’t be beat. We purposely positioned it for optimal sunset viewing. I mean, happy hour here anyone?

kodiak cabin

Hot tub #3

Ok, we went a little nuts. To be fair, we got so much great feedback and we just couldn't stop, OK? Here is Lil Bear's newest addition, a 6 person lake facing hot tub tucked in the trees and facing the lake.

Speaking of warming up…saunas in the house!

We added a custom built (by my talented husband) sauna at Kodiak, and an indoor infrared sauna at Loon.

What else have we been up to?!

We just finished up a mini refresh at Lil Bear that ended up being not-so-mini. Here is a pic of the new sectional bed-sofa! I was able to make it out of 2 twin beds, so it still functions as extra sleeping space but also is sooo cozy for hanging by the fire.

The last thing I just can’t wait to share is even though it’s not even complete is this INDOOR HAMMOCK NET. Can you even handle how cool this is going to be? I had this idea a few months ago and we had to wait for them to be custom made and now it is FINALLY coming to fruition. Guys, its so neat. More to come soon!